8 December 2009

I ain't dead!

Right, so I'm still here, in the rubble of my mind, trying to work something out. I haven't blogged in the last few weeks, because, again I'm lost to the infinite machine of just too bloody much to blog about. Some of these things are somewhat secret stuff, but a lot of it I should yell out for all to see, and I'm sure with a bit of patience and Macedonian Oil I just might.

But not now. "Now" is just a futuristic recap of things I've blogged about in the near future, using cheesy book titles ;

  • The end is far, far away : Studies in Cosmology, thoughts on the flat universe model and evolutionary natural selection, and how timing is everything
  • Ontology schmology bolony : Everything I know about ontologies, linked data and inference, and just what a bloody mess it all is (and the possible ways through it, as far as I can see)
  • Library end-times : This is what they were, this is what they are, this is what they'll become
  • Evolution as a driver for moral philosophy : Philosophical greats had good questions that now makes for redundant answers
  • Have you heard this?! : Science as a language of beauty, art and transcendence
  • Functionally complete impotence : Programming languages that mean well, but are ugly, smells bad and won't make you light up after having sex with it
  • Atheism and agnosticism : A transsexual ploy to power (or, a Tale of two Ditties)
  • Software : Sitting comfortably? How sitting in front of a computer makes you a terrible programmer
  • Books I've read : The good stuff (and where to go next)
  • Books I've read : Time I've wasted (and the reasons for it)
  • Lingua Panga! : How language poisons everything (the big problems of humanity blamed on humans talking too much)

Right, so that should leave some clues as to where I am and where my mind is. My bedsite table is brimming over with books and notes, and I've got a few half-written articles (novels, is more like it) sitting around waiting for me to retire so I can bloody well finish them.

I also have some real articles in the oven, about service-oriented architecture (SOA) perils and solutions in a time of cloud hysteria, parallel processing mania and key-value minimalist thinking as a way to leverage, er, something or other. I'm sure it'll be great once I figure out what I'm writing.

Oh, and it's hot here now. We've been to the beach rather often, but being a dad of three crazy kids I don't get to go in the water much, but I enjoy helping Sam dismantle the beach with a shovel and bucket. It's also end-of-year stuff with school, Lilje playing in some musical number or two, and generally for Grace and Lilje to say goodbye to Minnamurra Primary as we're moving them over to Shellharbour Anglican Collage next year following Julie's new job there. We're also moving houses in about 10 days (closer to the beach, so it must be good, although I'll miss the close proximity to all my coffee-shops), so that's going to be crazy time.

Ok, time to go and treat kids for head-lice which has rampaged through their school of late. And then, dinner. Wish me luck.


At Tuesday, December 08, 2009 8:30:00 PM, Blogger rho said...

> I ain't dead!

Ah, you are going through the universe expansion phase and hope that there is enough gravity (mass) to stop the expansion before you yourself melt away into background radiation.

Trust me, you will starve on that trip.

And you will do insane things, like inventing an new programming language (done that), or a new processing paradigm (done that too).

And in the end you will program everything in Perl.

See you at the end of the rainbow!


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