version 0.85

Note that this is the quick follow-up bugfix release of xSiteable 0.8.

For a complete list of features and fancies, check out xSiteable 0.8, and note that all of the issues with that release has been fixed in this release.

Known issues

To fix the following two issues, download this file, and save it to your "admin" directory as "tree.php". You need to overwrite the exsisting file there.

In the administration tool, saving structures that has certain semantic relations will destroy the structure-file.

In the administration tool, saving resources doesn't work, and blanks the address to the resource.

Known issues fixed

The "default" design was missing the "default-two-columns.xml" template.

There was a CSS bug shipped which makes the menu in the default and xsiteable design overflow.

The administration tool still only works on a Windows platform, but the commands are sourced out (admin/compile_command.php) and until someone can help me convert them, you have the option here to do it yourself.

Also in the administration tool, you could get a lot of notifications about variables used before initialised and somesuch, but a QA on the code has cleared these and made the tool more robust.

There were no avaliable BASH scripts (Linux/*BSD/*NIX). BASH scripts courtesy of Håvard Dahle.

The undocumented feature "xtm='true'" in a sitemap.xml to import XTM files is now in place.


All documentation (see Documentation for more) is updated to this latest release.

Wisdom compressed

"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it."

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