Toolbar pane

The toolbar contains the style dropbox, site dropbox, the changer button, a "clear cache" and a full site compile button.

Styles and sites

The styles and sites drop-down boxes chooses basically what site you're working on with what style. The style can be changed at any time. If the action pane don't display a page, click the "save and compile" button in the editor, or click the "compile whole site" button in the toolbar.


If you've just compiled a page or a set of pages, but the content seems to be either old or not even belonging to your site, chances are that pages are still in your cache, and needs to be cleared. Click the "clear cache" button to get rid of any old files.

Note that this doesn't clear off any files but HTML.

Compile it all

If you are happy with a site, you can click "compile whole site" to .. er, compile the whole site. Note that depending on the size of your site and content files, this can take a while.

Note that if you get an error message (timeout), refer to the PHP install guide to make sure the timeout of compilation is set higher than the standard values.