15 May 2006

A few thoughts on my online communication

As you may have noticed, I have been on a rather extended hiatus in regards to blogging. I thought I should quickly summarise my absence ;

1. I was rambling too much about my miseries, too much for my own comfort. Yes, work has been trying, so here's the quick summary of that; the public service is a slow bitch when you come from a commercial high-flying world. I've had to learn to deal with this better, because, in this town, 80% of all jobs are government, and for the moment I seem to be stuck here. I also thought that there would be companies out there who would see my wonderful CV and snatch me up before anybody else would, but there were errors in my plan (see next point).

2. Everyone is a frigging expert while I'm starting to sound a bit like an wannabe jerk. Not a good sound at all, so my writing will surely be toned down a notch, and my expertise adjusted. I feel a bit stupid, really, but still haven't figured out if I'm behind or ahead of current thinking on a number of issues. Report at 11.

3. Nothing is surprising anymore, and everyone is a blogger. Everyone writes about a number of "new" things, but seriously, none of the really are. Everything is regurtitations of other ideas, and I simply don't get surprised anymore. I don't feel there is anything important to write about, no matter how wrong that might be. (See point 2 above)

4. Communication was failing me; after 17 years in the IT industry I came to a stand-still in communication, be it with friends, family and people I know around the world. I keep responding to things, but the amount of replies were decreasing. I've felt the dreaded "am I missing emails?" syndrome, another bad state to be in, when emails and blog comments holds higher importance than real-life. I've adjusted my importance on the online world accordingly and don't rely on online friendships for self-realisation.

So I feel a bit fresher and wiser, and I'm being a bit humbler, I feel properly embaressed, and will probably be a bit gentler in my online approach.


At Monday, May 15, 2006 5:23:00 PM, Anonymous Espen D said...

Don't beat youself up Alex, you're alot smarter than "most people" out there. You write with passion and tehre is no doubt that you have tons of knowledge.
Most bloggers just do a blog to lick some famous persons backside or try to become "someone" in some comunity. I think you wirte about real stuff that alot of people relate to.

You can't stop being angry and grumpy, we all like that! There are enough people who write the "this is so great" and "this tool is so amazing" crap. Keep up what you've been doing Alex!

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