3 July 2006

OzIA 2006 : the coolest little IA gathering

I've been quite busy lately with all sorts of different things, but of all the different busy stuff I've been doing the thing I'm most excited about is the OzIA 2006 Retreat, a small conference on information architecture, held in Sydney (Australia) at the end of September.

I did the design and templates, while Eric handled coordination, content and nitpicking. I'm actually really pleased with the whiteboard look; it is exactly how most IA's I know work and how it usually looks. :)

I may hold a presentation there too about Topic Maps, data modelling and implications of information design, which links into things like category- and field theory, cognition and natural philosophy of complex systems. I'll let you know, but I'm definitly going to be there, so all I can say is, see you there!


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