27 August 2007


Just a few points of late ;
  • Thanks for the comments and mails about my mental resignation of the library world. I actually didn't think you cared, because, seriously, I never even went to library school, so who am I?
  • I've started work on a new testing tool that intuitively blends into web applications, and integrates against a slew of issue trackers. Got support for JIRA right now, a few more baking in devel. Will write more later, and I'll simply GPL3 the whole thing. (Anybody need an agile development and testing freak? :)
  • I've sadly killed off my last Topic Maps framework ; I've been using FreeBase (beta) lately, and it does indeed everything I wanted to do, only better. And, I really don't have the time anymore for all these non-profit-but-fun projects, which I'll miss greatly.
I think that's it, at least for a small roundup. There's some big changes afoot in my life, and I'll try to document them as things move along. Right now, though, I'm trying to figure out the next paycheck. (And did I mention that most recruiting companies are brain-dead? How can these guys stay in business? I suspect a rant on this issue coming up very soon.)


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