17 May 2008

Friday Thoughts

Last week was a good blogging week for me, and I had planned a few bits and bobs this week, but alas, a combination of many things changed things on its head.

Instead I bring you three TED presentations I feel are important enough to share. The first is by Mark Bittman on not only what we eat, but how we eat, and how it affects us all and our planet. These things are extremely important to keep in mind when we plan for the future of the planet. Global Warming and all that is important enough in itself, but planning what and how we eat (i.e. dealing with foodstuff production and consumption) in lieu of its local and global impact is perhaps easily forgotten. Don't forget it, please;

Another presentation video is by a funny guy called Joshua Klein who is fascinated with crows; birds far smarter than what most people tend to think. He's created a vending machine that crows figure out how to use. They use tools. They even use pedestrian crossings as a safe way to get to food on roads. What makes humans special again?

And, if you're still with me, have a look at the fascinating juggling skills and philosophical musings of Michael Moschen, a wonderful mix of rhythm, juggling, and balls. Pay especially attention to his rhythm section, playing the coolest patterns while juggling balls through hands and feet. I was glued to this show in awe;

Now go and have a great weekend. Norway's national day with celebrations is tomorrow, Saturday, so happy birthday, Norway! I've bought special sausages for the occasion. I'm hungry already.

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