14 February 2008

Where in the world is Alexander Johannesen?

Ok, a real quickie this time to say that I'm back in Oslo, Norway (me, the kids and my wife), and back at my old company Bekk Consulting doing new and very interesting things, in a tempo I haven't seen much of the last four years. For now I bid a farewell to Australia, the library world and the public sector, and hope to see you again some other day. To my relatives, inwed or otherwise, in Australia, I miss you already, and the rest of my posse miss you, too.

I'll get back to my old posting schemes as soon as things slow down and return to normal. Stay tuned. In the mean time, you can now call me at +47 982 19 378 or email me at the usual gmail spot. Enjoy whatever you're doing.

P.S. Send more Vegemite and Mint Slices.