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Welcome to the xSiteable site

The latest xSiteable 0.88 has a few good features and a host of clean-ups and fixes.

29th of January, 2004 : Also note that development for xSiteable has been somewhat on the slow side for the last months, but don't let that fool you; the 0.9 version has undergone much development and is due for release probably in February. Have a search through my weblog for relevant information regarding this. Sorry about the delay; have moved countries, shifted jobs and flipped my life. :)

xSiteable is a complete small-to-medium-size site development / prototyping kit created in XSLT, available on a number of platforms and operating systems. It has a simple Notation language for content called xSiteable Notation, utilizing Topic maps (XTM) for structure, binding and other assorted cleverness and the Sablotron XSLT parser for quick, reliable and powerful processing. A myth has it there exist no screenshot; go to At a glance to debunk that myth.

Please stop by the FAQ for the quick intro, or if you're more curious about Topic maps, check out the Topic maps OPT. In the order of get going, here are some noteable things of interest and curiosa on this site;

The xSiteable Frequently Asked Questions.

You go here to download it and try it.

The xSiteable project specifics, documentation and instructions.

Topic maps OPT, an introduction to Topic maps by Alexander Johannesen.

Legends, symbols and navigation used of this site.

We would love to get some feedback from you, so please drop Alexander Johannesen a line or two. It would be most appreciated, especially as we're laying out the milestones for the next few releases. See the Future plans page for more on this topic.

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