xSiteable is a complete small-to-medium-size site development kit created in XSLT, with a PHP administration package.


It has a simple notation language for content, utilizing Topic maps for structure, binding and other assorted cleverness and the Sablotron XSLT parser for quick, reliable and powerful processing. Here are some key features;

Topic maps (model and XTM)

Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X)



Compiler, not dynamic resource-gulper

Metadata support : RSS, XFTM, XTM, RDF, DC.

Blogging / news (w/external database or XML)

Notational content

Dynamic designs and site-templates (skins, if you like)

Wireframe design (IA and prototyping, print-friendly)

Flexible ontology

Automatic taxonomy

Fast and easy

Open-source and licensed under BSD

Just to name a few. xSiteable is a tool that has many uses, many users, and crosses many fields of expertise. The good news is that those various fields of expertise can share and put to work their input in a common framework.

Lots more info at the xSiteable homepage.

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