xSiteable diary


Finished off a few more pages on documentation, fixed support for "xtm" attributes with the admin tool, and a few assorted smaller things. Re-packaging it all, and is we're ready for the 0.85 release.


A few days of hard-work on other projects has kept me off xSiteable for a few days, but I've now done;

QA on the administration tool; supports more versions of PHP, provides for simpler installation of PHP, better quality code in general to get rid of silly warnings and notifications, and outsourced all platform-dependant stuff. (If anyone volenteers to translate this to BASH (or any other), feel free to accept fame and glory! :) See "admin/compile_commands.php".

Fixed a few silly bugs from the 0.8 release; CSS, missing template, missing docs.


Started documenting the missing features.


Release day, and everything is more or less ready for it, amazingly enough. This release is way overdue, but this was as expected given the scope of the new changes and features in it. I've fixed a couple of bugs in the treeviewer (admin tool), and cleaned up a few scripts so that using scripts and using the admin tool now actually does the same things. :) Also;

Cleaned up a bit in the wireframe style.

Cleaned up the content of the various sample sites.

Finalised the Administration guide for 0.8 instead of the 0.85 release. (Yes, I can be ahead of schedule too :)

29.02 - 18.03.2003

Due to an imense amount of work both within and without xSiteable, I haven't maintained this log. Here is a recap;

Updated the documentation apart as noted.

The admin tool is ready for xSiteable 0.8, but with a few known snags when creating new pages.

Automatic taxonomy implemented. Not documented until 0.85.

Supports a host of metadata formats; RSS, RDF, DC, XTM, XFTM. Not documented until 0.85.

Blogging / topical news implemented. Look for the file "items.xml" in the site directory for this. Not documented until 0.85.

Simple news implemented. Add an item where id="news", and off you go. Not documented until 0.85.

Updated the website; removed a second view. (Couldn't be bothered right now to make two :)

Added some templates to enable multiple input topic mapping; the parameter xtm="true" to any item in the sitemap file will try to import an XTM file with the same name as the id. I use it for collaborative topic mapping here at work. Not documented until 0.85.


Added quite a bit of documentation.

Made non-exsistant files be automagically created if not found in the administration tool.

Fixed the bug in Internet Explorer that made it save and compile pages "at random."


Done up a first working version of the new admin tool. It now lists any website with relations. Not yet savable, and doesn't implement resources.


Progress is slow due to a lot of real work. Fixed a number of smaller issues not worth getting into details about.


Finished outsourcing and moving all templates to their respective new directory. This makes sharing and switching of styles and sites a breeze.


Got first version of the administration tool up and running.

Added some scripts for new structure.


Added a toolbar in the administration tool, and moved style changer from the tree-viewer to here. The new site changer makes you able to switch between whole sites, tree-structure and all.

Moved all references to "xml/sitemap.xml" (in all generating XSLT scripts and all the batch scripts) to "templates/sites/[current_site], so that you can work indepentantly on several sites at the same time.


I've prettified a LOT of output code and updated all the scripts to fit in with a) the new site templates, and b) effective building, especially with the new administration tools in mind.

I've created the following site templates; "project", "professional", "cool", "information" and "personal", which should provide most people with a good starting point in creating new sites.

I've moved and updated all framework- and script-files with all styles moved into a separate directory. By completing both this and all the site templates by moving them all into suitable directories under the "templates" directory, I've opened up for easy sharing of sites and designs. Created a new style? Send your "templates/design/[your_cool_design]" directory to me, and I'll add it to the package.


The new flexible ontology is finished, with better XML semantics for the definitions in the sitemap.xml file. I'm quite pleased at the current results, both in speed increase and dynamic flexibility.

The new sitemap / IA for the xSiteable website is updated, but I'll upload it all when I'll release xSiteable 0.8 in a few days time.


Started writing the xSiteable guide for dummies. I'll be using my new Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA for writing the documentation over the weekend.


My collegue Sverre ├ślnes has started JavaScripting a better version of the site editor. I'm looking forward to the result.

The wireframe is almost complete.

The new site templates have been started. Progress is slow due to other work.


A few days of other types of work has gone by, but today I've started seriously implementing a flexible ontology. It seems to be a bit trickier than first anticipated, especially due to grouping-problems.


Got the admin tool to work with changing styles.

Started on a wireframe design for information architects.

Changed the "pro" style to be the default style, and changed the old default style to be called "flat" style.


Today I started this diary to document the ongoing changes and development of xSiteable.

Changed the editor.php file to save content through self-reference and then update the compiler-window. This to have strong control of the content, and for the need of escaping certain characters properly.


I have up to now started to create a small administration framework in PHP for making a nice GUI to do all those things you normally would do through the command-line scripts. Also, they will make it a breeze to maintain the content, edit the structures and relations, re-compile pages and upload to a server through FTP.