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My email address is alexander somewhat-at, and my homepage is located over here.

My name is Alexander Johannesen, and I am a 30 years old Norwegian working as a computer consultant in Canberra, Australia. I've been working in the computer industry as a developer for over 12 years, spanning from AI, user interfaces, motion detection, digital video, security and web standards.

I live in Oslo, Norway at the top of Europe with my Australian wife Julie-Anne and our daugther of 4, Grace Kjærelin and Lilje May of less-than-a-year. I'm into baroque and renneisance music, and have a special passion for Claudio Monteverdi.

I'm the maintainer of the xSiteable project, and would love to hear your feedback, be it suggestions for improvement or blatant words of affirmation; I can handle both.

Wisdom compressed

"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it."

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Please note that the this blog is a low-traffic blog where I only write about things of a given importance, when they are important. For a more fast-paced day-to-day blog, there is my other blog with its RSS feed.

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