No, not sources as in "source-code", but more as in where a product, tool or technology comes from. Who makes, publishes, sells or gives away all that stuff we use every day?

Here is some of those sources that are important to xSiteable.

Here are the companies that add some value to my every day.
Here are some organisations that tries very hard to do the right thing.
Here are some people that you should know about.
Here are some important resources you should know about.

Editorial notice: As the following pages has content about other people, companies and organisations, no one really knows best apart from the people involved in them. So, at the bottom of each of these pages you can view the content source files to that page. (Their extension is "orig", but they are, in essence, an XML file) If something is wrong, or you simply wish to edit a page, download that source, edit it to your hearts content, and mail it to Alexander Johannesen. The content notation is explained in Content production, and all available topics on this site can be found at Topic map.

Also, if you feel that you, your company or your project are missing from this section of this site, feel free to send me any information you'd like to include.

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"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it."

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