version 0.6

This release adds some of the more important features lacking from xSiteable 0.5, plus incorporates the latest 0.97 release of the Sablotron XSLT parser.

New features

Simple markup in notation; bold, italic, note-style and assorted meta-related elements.

Menu preperation removed, and hence, no longer needed in the sitemap. Also, support for as many menus you like pr. page.

Clues moved from sitemap and into the corresponding content notation files.


Blank names for topics that are not found.

Some important new features missing from xSiteable 0.5.

Important changes

Notation system now uses curly-brackets instead of square-brackets, to avoid confusion with often-used square-brackets in XSLT.

In the sitemap.xml file, clues and menu-preparation (the "menu" attributes) are no longer needed and removed.


Relations / associations should also be supported through content notation files.

A few reports that xSiteable doesn't work well with directories that contains spaces in them.

Wisdom compressed

"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it."

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