version 0.8

Note that the version 0.8 is expected to have a quick follow-up bugfix release, probably a 0.85 version.

Note : Also pay attention to the known issues at the end of this page!

This release adds some really powerful features to it, some cleaning up, and a lot of documentation, including the new xSiteable guide for dummies.

New features

Admin : A set of really easy to use administration tools, including a sitemap designer, content producer and preview/compiler option, all written in the PHP language. This lowers the threshold of getting serious with xSiteable by huge amounts.

Do note that using the admin tool to save your sitemaps will muck up the formatting of the XML file (not so bad) and muck up the semantics of your relations (only bad if you work hard to make it semantically nice, and not bad at all if you only plan on using the admin tool).

Ontology : You can now define any ontology you like, using more powerful features of Topic maps such as scope and multidimensional associations. Also, the ontology is sourced out into its own XML file.

metadata : xSiteable now supports a host of popular metadata feeds, including RSS, XFML, RDF, DC and XTM.

blogging : Basic functionality to blog or have an extended news archive based on topic maps. A deploy catalog and a deploy script makes sure that all files associated with a blog update (including all metadata feeds) are ready for deployment.

taxonomi : Automatic support for taxonomies. You describe it through a tree structure, and it is automatically filled out through the use of "blog" entries in an external XML file (that can be a database).

Wireframe : A new design template called "wireframe", made especially for information architects and the like who quickly needs to build wireframe sites for documentation, experimentation and display.

Note that this design is not optimal yet. We need more input in to how to make it better for wireframe designs, and the more feedback we get the better. Thanks.

structure : The structure of files for styles and sites have been restructured, making it simple to add styles and sites to your developing environment.

Sitemap : The sitemap of the xSiteable website has been changed to ease navigation and the useability of the site, without changing a single URL.

Known issues

There are a few known issues with this release that are fixed in the xSiteable 0.85 release;

The "default" design is missing the "default-two-columns.xml" template. Use the "xsiteable" design if you want to compile the xSiteable site, or copy the "two-column" template from the xsiteable design. Or even, copy it from a previous version of xSiteable.

There is a CSS bug shipped (but fixed on this website, so you can always download it) which makes the menu in the default and xsiteable design overflow. You can easily fix it; find ".treeCollapsable", and set "width:100%;" to "width:180px;".

The administration tool only works on a Windows platform. Cross-platformity is expected for 0.85.

In the administration tool, saving structures that has certain semantic relations will destroy the structure-file. Please upgrade.

In the administration tool, saving resources doesn't work, and blanks the address to the resource.

Also in the administration tool, if you're getting a lot of notifications about variables used before initialised and somesuch, this is mostly due to slack programming. QA comes for the next release, but the quick-fix involves editing the php.ini file located in your PHP directory;

Search for "Error handling and logging". You should under this find several lines starting with a semicolon (meaning it is remarked out). Find "error_reporting =" and make sure it says "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE". This turns all notices off.

There are currently no avaliable BASH scripts (Linux/*BSD/*NIX). If you have the know-how, you can use the 0.7 versions BASH scripts, and roll your own. The changes aren't all that big.

The feature "xtm='true'" in a sitemap.xml to import XTM files, is not supported properly in the administration tool, and if saved using it will break it.


All documentation (see Documentation for more) is updated to this latest release, except those features mentioned in the Logbook that are scheduled for the 0.85 release.

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