Tree pane

This pane contains your site in a tree structured view. Each page, relation and resource on your site can be selected and viewed by clicking on it.


To edit its name, id and template, the property pane below the tree structure enabels you to do so.

To move the page (and its sub-pages) up, use the arrow keys. Note that if your page has sub-pages, you also move these with it.

To delete the page, use the delete button. Be aware that if you delete a page, you also delete all sub-pages. If you want to keep any of these, move them out before deleting its container-page.


To add a relation to a page, select a page and click on the add relation button. A relation icon will appear inside the menu item for that page, and to edit its properties, select it by clicking on that little icon.

Relations are defined as three properties;

Type of relation


Destionation of the relation

Type of relation, an adverb to keep it semantically together, and a destination topic.

Type of relation is always defined left-to-right, from the point of origin, so if you are at a page called "LittleMe", the relation "employed-by" describes the LittleMe from its perspective only. The destination of the relation, for example "BigCorp", gets the ontologically opposite relation, for example "employs". This means that some relations are invisible in the tree-view. It is therefore adviced to keep your ontology definitions single-dimensional.

Don't fall for the temptation of defining both ways of a relation so that you can address it no matter where in the tree you are. Rather, have a mindset of thinking from an objects perspective; an article is written by you, and not that you've written an article: you also have done other things, have other properties and other relations, while the article have far less. This is called "small to big" modelling, and should be adapted in xSiteable.

To delete the relation, simply select it, and click the "delete" icon.


To add a resource, select a page item, and click the "add resource" button. To edit its properties, select it by clicking on its icon. To delete the resource, select it, and click the "delete" icon.

Resources can be anything you like which is external. You of course can address these in your content as well, but having a list of external resources is a quick and easy way of finding relations to your topic.