xSiteable future

xSiteable is a somewhat complex framework for creating full sites based on Topic maps and simple notational language for content management. However, there are many things I would like to do to expand the capabilities and features of it. Here is a current list, off the top of my head;


forms : We need support for the general drawing of forms. This is a rather complicated affair, and as I want to keep the xSiteable dependencies as los as possible, they will be for visual effects only, but of course navigational. No JavaScript or server-side processing will be performed. (Maybe some for even more future releases) We'll probably see this in the 0.9 release.

topic indexing : Find all topics mentioned in a page, and list them in a general fashion. Not established what release this should be in, but it is not in my own immediate requirements, so some time after 1.0?


optimise : xSiteable ain't the quickest beast around, even if Sablotron is a fast one. One should use xsl:copy, xsl:map and pre-parsed trees for better performance. This is an ongoing task, so there is a bit of this in every release.

JavaScript : quite a bit of stuff should be moved from the XSLT-parsing and into JavaScript for better performance and ease of development, like the notation parsing and topical searches. Not started yet, and no plans of putting it into any immediate releases yet.

For a longer list of things that has been added or fixed, browse through the various releases, or read the xSiteable Logbook. If you feel items are missing from this list, have a look at Feature requests.