17 May 2006

Not this time

As some of you might know, I was opting for moving from Canberra, Australia back to Oslo, Norway in or around August time this year; I've had interest from two successful consultancy companies (the only two I've bothered contacting, too). It seems now that both have resulted in nothing;

The smaller company can't overcome their meeting-in-person interviewing practice (meaning, I need to go to Norway for two interviews before they'll truly hire me, but I'm currently a public servant and as such does not have that kind of jet-set budget) and the second company, my old company in fact, haven't replied back to me (nor my chase mails) for a couple of months after proclaiming serious interest. Not sure what happened there, but maybe I jogged their memory to hard? :)

I've also had a few good other leads to jobs elsewhere, but somehow each and every one of them have resulted in interest but not any practical solutions (Some can't pay "enough" [family to feed], some are abroad and there's VISA issues, some have found closer similar skillsets, etc). Maybe I need to address larger companies who can afford me?

I guess I'm stuck in Canberra for now, in a place where 80% of all jobs are inaccessible to me because I'm not an Australian citizen, unless I go contracting ... which I don't feel comfortable doing as I'm the sole provider for my family and my network here is poor (only been here 2 years).

Now, it's not that my current job is so bad, but I feel the time to move on and do great things have come. Yes, there's the option of doing great things in where I'm at, but I've struggled with this places' idea of "innovation" and resource priorities of late. Oh well, I'll bite my teeth harder together and we'll see what happens next.


At Thursday, May 18, 2006 1:36:00 AM, Blogger  said...

Whoa - hey there stranger! Slapping your wrists for not replying to emails tho'. Glad you're still alive and around. Spoke to my friend Caitlin and she mentioned that she met you recently. I met up with Kerrie last night too, as she was in London as part of her European honeymoon. Anyways, figured I'd look you up again, and there you are. :) - btw, this is Alia

At Friday, May 19, 2006 11:27:00 AM, Blogger  said...

Hey gorgeous! Long time since our spoon-dripping days, eh? :) Where are you up to? Where are you? What's that smell? And, what email? I haven't got any, so sorry in advance for being oblivious ...

Yup, we sussed out the job market in Melbourne, and it sounds good to me, so if there's an excelent company down there who wants to invest in a serious and inventive developer, you know what to do; don't tell them about that dripping spoon, for the love of God! (and there are so many to choose from)

You'er not coming to Australia any time soon, are you? *nudge, nudge*

At Friday, May 19, 2006 7:55:00 PM, Blogger  said...

Ah ok, I think I emailed you last summer as I was booking a Norwegian trip to Oslo and Bergen for my brother. Sent it to your gmail account, but guess it didn't get through.

What's the best email to contact you on? I'll email over any job links if I see anything appropriate for you (e.g. smartarse web guru ;)

I work for Oxfam now, so I can check if Oxfam Australia have any suitable vacancies. They've got offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

In terms of coming to Australia, it's looking like more than a possibility in 1-2 years time. This year, we're hoping to go to Cuba or do a road trip around Mexico. :)

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