20 September 2006

OZ-IA 2006 program is up!

I know I've been a bit silent these last couple of weeks, and it's the usual story of working too hard on too many things. There is some exciting news coming up in the not-too-distant future, like another conference talk in Malaysia amongst other things, but right now I just wanted to share with you something else which is pressing;

The OZ-IA 2006 Summit program is up. I know, I know, I've mentioned OZ-IA 2006 before, but the closer we get to it, the more excited I am about it. And you'll notice that my presentation is the last one on the saturday (which is a single-track session as opposed to the ones running on sunday which are two-tracked, meaning everybody is there to pick your presentation apart...), a prime position to say something stupid and become the topic for the cocktail session afterwards. I'm working on various stupid things to say as we speak.

Anyways, when my next two conferences are over and my real-life work is slowing down a bit, I'll pick up on my previous hints of semantic data modelling and its relation to human cognition, social workings and general ontology work. I've had some inspiration come my way lately, so watch this space. Until next time, I hope to see you in Sydney (both for the Web Directions 2006 and OZ-IA 2006 retreat) in a weeks time! (As usual, look for the guy in stripey arms...)


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