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Blogging is the slang version for doing a weblog, as explained;

A weblog is a chronological collection of hypertext entries, including but not limited to links to other locations on the Web with editorial or personal commentary thereon.

Borrowed without permission from this site, so give them some traffic in return.

My blog and Blog topics

This section of my site categories and lists various news / blog entries that I publish on this site. It contains categories for most things in which I have a burning interest.

xSiteable now supports blogging, which means, as a consequence, that topic maps now have come to blogging. This in itself is interesting enough, but the real interesting thing is that I have come to blogging. At least, for me.

Wisdom compressed

"Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it."

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Please note that the this blog is a low-traffic blog where I only write about things of a given importance, when they are important. For a more fast-paced day-to-day blog, there is my other blog with its RSS feed.

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I use the excelent web-based blog aggregator as my primary (and only!) blog reader, and here is my public site.