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All work and no play?

No, not really. There is a lot of play in my work. It is a matter of attitude.

People have said to me that they sometimes find their work boring, but I must admit not to understand them; to me, work is a lot of fun, even those parts a lot of people regard as repetative, boring, tireing and uninspiring. I approach any kind of work with the following attitude; what can I do to make this good or better? Don\'t think just about one aspect of the work. It is not about your code done in time; it is about getting your code perfect in time. It is not about fixing a bug in time; it is about refactoring the bug into better features. It is not about specifying a tool for a specific task; it is about specifying a tool that might already exsist.

Through this, there is no routine that gets boring. Everything becomes a challenge, which personal development relies on. Without pushing yourself towards perfection and expansion, how else can you avoid stagnation?

My work might be a set of HTML templates with a common framework; I expand my templating-skills through the use of a XML/XSL framework. Or I might need a tool for reading websites, convert them to text-only, and save them locally; I learn Rebol to do the task. I need to implement code with a huge CMS system; I write my own little CMS system as middle-tier for flexibility and grace. And so on.

All of what I\'ve said here is actually rather self-explanatory for most; to get smarter, you push your intellect forward. There is no such thing as a boring task.