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My name is Alexander Johannesen, a software developer in Canberra, Australia working for the National library of Australia. These are my personal pages where I talk about anything I'm interested in, be it strictly personal or blatantly professional.

Iterations and technology

This site have gone through a number of iterations to get to where it is today. It started off early in 1997 with a static HTML 3.2 page done by hand, then through SSI, then, for the last two years, a PHP and HTML 4.0 stage, and now, to complete the circle, I'm back to static HTML again. But they're not done by hand anymore; I've created a complete site development kit in XSLT called xSiteable which I'm using as the backend for the whole site. This enables be to do blogging, use Topic maps, have simple administration, work in a cool framework, and support a host of metadata standards out of the box.

But why?

Why would I write such a complex site for such a simple purpose as explaining what oneself is all about? For the very reason that if we accept that explaining life is simple, living is complex. It really is the other way around.