27 August 2008

Oh waily, waily me!

Ok, summer is over, and I'm back at work, the household is busy with their various stuff (night-school, school, kindergarten, mini-kindergarten, from oldest to youngest). We're an extremely busy little flock, I dare say.

However, amidst all this family busy life there is a slow, slow, slow realization of the self that is going on. I'm getting old. And I'm not working with what I want to do right now. Seriously, if you're going to have a super-busy life, at least I would like it to be busy with stuff I want to do. The family part is dandy. No, it's the work part that keeps me up at night.

The company I work for is great. Seriously. Really great. It's not their fault, it's mine. You see, I think a lot, and a lot of my thinking is about stuff that my work really don't do much of. I have dreams, passions and aspirations that travels well out of scope for the IT consultancy gig I do every day.

Like, building the most energy efficient, low-maintenance wave-based hydro-electro generator ever. Or the non-maintainence, micro-inducing, piggy-backed salt-to-freshwater plant ever thought of. Or the zero-impact house water system (gray and white at the same time). Or design the coolest child-friendly gadget that my daughter cries about at night for not getting. Or change organization processes and communication from bad to great. Or help people realize their own potential. Or, you know, make people happier.

I'm an ideas guy. I shouldn't really be a boring consultant, at least not for customers who wants me to do exactly as they say. I'm into innovation, into doing new and exciting (but not stupid) things, bordering on crazy but never go as far as sick. I love to work with people to come up with new stuff, or refine old stuff. Fix problems. Solve the impossible. Free Willy. Save the planet. Create art.

I think a lot, and I'm getting older.


Ok, back to tuning my Tomcat context to understand proper REST patterns without interfering too much, and then fine-tune some Topic Maps optimizations in my RDBMS. *sigh* *pining for the fjords*