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I contribute to the best interest of the web as best I can, through voluenteer work, paid work, or my own initiatives through publishing or participation in web culture.


I have written a handful of articles that has been published here or elsewhere, which I\'ve sorted and archived here.


I am and have been involved in a number of projects, both on and off internet. Those on of any interest are;

Gods of Music

A music review site for free music, usually artists without a record-deal trying to make a note of themselves. I\'ve written a number of reviews there, and was selected \"review of the month\" for october, 2002. used to be the Berlin Project - or - which is a cross-platform windowing system based on Unicode, OpenGL and CORBA, promoting \"doing it right\". I am their website developer, where the XSLT framework was the \"daddy\" for the xSiteable project.


My XSLT based framework for Topic maps and website generating.


I participate in a number of mailing-lists and newsgroups throughout the web. My main mailin-lists are:

- The main topic maps list.

- About the semantic web.

- The Sablotron list.

- The list for developers of (or interest in) the project.

And my favourite newsgroups are: - Frank Herbert\'s \"Dune\" and derivatives and similars.

comp.human-factors - Human issues in computer systems.

comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html - About authoring HTML. - Website authoring, design and implementation.

Through my participation in the two latter newsgroups, I\'m featured and quoted in a FAQ article about not to use fixed-width web designs. Here, I\'m sided with such HTML giants as Eric Jarvis and Alan Flavell, in \"alt.html FAQ : What are the disadvantages of fixed-width design?\".