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Note: As of end of october, I no longer work for this company as I have moved countries. I'll update this page in full once new employment is restored.

My work

I work as a senior consultant, specializing in user interface design and programming. When thinking, I do Information architecture, Topic maps and Knowledge and information. When programming I mainly work with HTML and CSS, XML, XSLT, JSP/Java, ASP/.NET, various CMS systems, JavaScript/EcmaScript, DOM, browsers, validators and standards papers.

I work for BEKK Consulting which is an e-business integrator, which in other terms means "consultancy company that focuses on internet development and management". And to further the expression, we basically create huge websites for other companies, from design, marketing, implementation, programming and realisation.

It is the main goal of BEKK to only involve ourselves with companies who understand the importance of actually making money from our products. We don't take on projects simply because they might sound fun or even present us with an easy job and lots of money. We put a lot of effort into selecting customers who are as serious about the web as we are. And as serious about not only making money, but making a good product.

I started working in BEKK in September 2000, and I must admit that it has been the single best work experiance I've had in all of my 12 professional years. Not only are the terms and conditions excelent, but the people I work with are wonderful in both personal and professional manners. Coming to work is a joy, no matter the preassure of the projects. And we got the coolest coffee-machine north of Rome!

Our company is fully owned by those who work there, including myself. This ensures that our work is genuine, and that we don't opt for speculative finance gains through stocks and boards of interested parties. We draw our own charts, creating the workplace that we want ourselves to work in.