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Norwegians in Canberra

This page is set up to cater for those few and poor Norwegians that somehow got stuck in Canberra, Australias national capital.

First, if you stumble upon this page and want to get in touch, please do so; I miss speaking my native language a lot.

List of Norwegians in the area

Well, there is me and my two daughters Grace (4) and Lilje (soon 1) who are all Norwegian, and there's my wife Julie who's an Australian with the rare gift of actually being able to speak Norwegian. Go figure.

Then there is Wenche and her son that lives out in Tuggeranong? I've met her once so far.

And then there is Tove, a hang-glider instructor somewhere in the area, but I know far too little about her yet. My father-in-law is actually picking up hang-gliding in his old age (just the thing you want to do when you've survived everything so far), and his instructor is Tove.

And finally I suspect the Norwegian ambassador and family are Norwegian, but don't know anything about them either.

Let's meet up!

It would be great to add more people to this list, and to actually meet up and eat disgusting rotten traditional fish together. My name is Alexander, I'm very friendly, and you can contact me best through email or give me a call on .

And now ... for something completely Norwegian!

Nordmenn i Canberra.

Sitt ikke der og stur. La oss komme sammen og spise gravlaks og drikke akevitt og synge gamle sanger. Vel, om ikke annet komme sammen og snakke om alt og ingenting. Jeg heter Alexander, og kan nåes på telefon døgnet rundt.