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My main interest these days is listening to and researching music, especially renneisance and baroque music. My heroes are Claudio Monteverdi, Biber and Schütz, and love Bach, Mozart, Bencini and Lorenzani. Please have a look at;

My Favourite composers

What I'm listening to these days

My favourite recomendations


I love litterature, and some books have moved me more than others. Some of these have made it to this list of;

Favourite authors

Less frequented interests

Photography and film

Since I was a small boy, running everywhere with my dads video camera, I've been making films of all sorts (except the naughty type, which I'll leave to those with low morals). And ever since, I've been fascinated with films and movies. It culiminated three years ago when I joined a short movie production. Fun, and it made me grow a few inches, too.

More recently, ever since I got that Sony DSC-505 Digital Camera (now an Olympus Camedia 300) I've traversed my neighbourhood for motives to take pictures of. I had a gallery up of it, but have decided against it; another lot of close-ups of flowers and stuff just didn't seem to be worth the effort nor the bandwidth.

Gods of Music

Gods of Music is a music reviewing-site on the internet where I was one of the reviewers for quite some time. Time has not permitted me to continue this of late.


ShelterIt is my solo-project in music. But it is not fair to call it a solo-project; I work with some fine musician friends through inviting them along on certain songs. My site you'll find over here. This is another interest I haven't had time to follow up on.

I do from time to time play percussion, my past-time hobby for the last 15 years. If not a drum or a shaker, then a pot in the kitchen while making dinner or some of my daughters toys while picking them up from off the floor.

Friendly Webpages

I'm trying my best to help people out, and I'm a sucker for flatter, and hence I've done a few pages for people I know or know through friends. is the site I made for a very good friend of mine's mother, who is a matron. According to legends, I might need her services soon.

Oslo Fjordcruise is the pages of a chartering company i the Oslo Fjord, who also have Inter Focus, an agency for hireing artists and equipment, that are friends of my dads. I've made both these sites quite some time ago, and I do not take responsibilities for what is on them now. They're the kind of people who can't let a good sleeping dog lie.