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I must admit to not being the greatest of English writers, but I can justify that through having English as my fourth language down the line. Nevertheless, I try to express myself as best that I can;

Web user interface developer

An article I wrote in trying to make it more clear what a Web User Interface Developer tries to do the best they can.

Here is a How to Topic Maps, Sir!

An esseay about Topic maps in preparation for an upcoming set of tutorials for Topic Maps.

Topic maps often pondered-about things

A quick FAQ-like introduction to Topic maps, written mainly for technologists and administrators.

What about integration?

An article I wrote some time ago when I was a tad bit frustrated with how various systems and developers made their core abilities so difficult to integrate into eachother.

WAI resistance

An opiniated little tidbit I wrote as a result of a "flamewar" I participated in when the term "accessibility" was still mostly unheard of.

Doing business

A more philosophical ramble about the business we're in.