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What is it?

It is a compact, simplified and not complete version of XTM 1.0 that makes Topic maps easier and faster to use, especially designed for XSLT. It was designed to fit all my purposes. if you have scenarios and things you feel is left out, let me know.

I use this in a number of tools and programs using XSLT, and have effectivly experienced between 3 to 10 speed-increases.


A specification : CSXTM 0.3

An XSLT script to convert any XTM file to CSXTM.

A DTD and / or Schema might show up if anyone is interested in one.


The CSXTM format hasn't got all the whistles and bells of XTM 1.0, simply because that it hasn't been around long enough. People who use XTM a lot can proabably come up with snippets of XTM that CSXTM can't handle. Please share the info. Thanks.

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