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Wed, 30 Apr 2003 13:00:00 GMT

Notice! This blog is no longer updated as such, and the new spot to point your feedreaders and blurry eyes are https://shelter.nu/blog/

This also means no more comments here, and especially not you spammers, you filthy floatsam of the internet!

Graphical topic maps demo

Graphviz is an open-source graphing tool that now can create nice topic maps graphically through xSiteable. This is just the humble beginning; I've got some nifty ideas for where to take this. Comments are welcome;

The demo site is over here, and it is a direct re-compile with graphs added of the xSiteable Site. Enjoy.

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( Wed, May 14 2003 )
I like star trees as a means of navigating. But, honestly, the 'old' method of navigating xsiteable works better for me, if only because the type is bigger.
Perhaps if the graph let you move backwards -- displayed the node connections to the node you just came from, and let you see more of the site structure, it would work better. As is, the hierarchy you've already given the site is clearly understandable from the old way of looking at it.
Of course, maybe that's an indicator of the 'problem' -- that you've previously visualized the pages in a hierarchy.
Alex ( Thu, May 15 2003 )
I agree, and the methods of creating the graph trees are many. Here I use a star-tree view, but there are flow-down's, circular and otherwise clustered ways of displaying data. I guess I expect people over time to contribute their best way of doing it, and we can share them in a repository so we can fit them into our solutions. Time will tell. As for now, it is a 'Ooooh! Aaaaah!' approach more than a best means of navigation. :)
Alex ( Tue, Jan 20 2004 )
I've taken the demo off for the time being, until such a time that I can re-compile support for it in the next 0.9 version of xSiteable. Hold your breath. Maybe the WayBackMachine has a copy.