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Tue, 20 May 2013 13:00:00 GMT
In Absentia : being busy with babies!

Yesterday, on monday the 19th of May, our daughter Liliane (Lilje) May Johannesen was born in 1.55 hours, weighing 3.48 kg, sporting a length of 50 cm. It goes without saying that I'm not working nor updating webpages right now, as I have a) a new daughter, wife and another daughter to worry about, and b) I've got two weeks off work. I'll update some info here if it is really important, but if not, I'll see you all in a couple of weeks. See ya!

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Alex ( Tue, May 20 2003 )
Btw, I'll update here with some pics and info as things progress. I know there are a lot of australians these days that want to see what the fuzz is all about. :)
roger ( Wed, May 21 2003 )
Congratulations! May she be healthy, wealthy, and wise!
Alia ( Fri, May 23 2003 )
Congrats Alex! Much love to Julie, Grace and the new bubs. You've got a brit wanting pics too. =) ( Mon, Jun 2 2003 ) - Family Group page. Please post your updates here so we can all enjoy your news. Julie, Grandma George sends her love to you, in case you haven't read this elsewhere.
I enjoyed your comments about looking after the new arrival. What an exciting and exhausting time it is for you. Congratulations.
Alex ( Wed, Jun 4 2003 )
Alright, people; here are the pics, finally! Click on any of them to see a bigger version. ( Wed, Jun 4 2003 )
Nice familly u have, congrats to you and your wife!
Francis Stevens George/ ( Thu, Jun 5 2003 )
Two girls-congratulations to you both. I wish you all the best.
Stephen + Cathy George ( Thu, Jun 5 2003 )
Julie, Alex, Grace & Lilje,
Congratulations, The photos are beautiful. Lilje seems to have Graces long fingers, (toes too?)
Love Stephen & Cathy
Wendy and Simon ( Thu, Jun 5 2003 )
Beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful girls!
Congaratulations. Grace looks very proud!

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