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Wed, 25 Jun 2003 13:00:00 GMT

Notice! This blog is no longer updated as such, and the new spot to point your feedreaders and blurry eyes are https://shelter.nu/blog/

This also means no more comments here, and especially not you spammers, you filthy floatsam of the internet!

Mapping myself?

|/On the train home yesterday I cought myself asking that dreaded question: "Who am I?"current work with Topic maps and Knowledge and information. I'll dig up my old code and models, and see what good they can do now 10 years later. Maybe - and hopefully - they are like wine; better with age.

So, who am I? I am the map, and all emotions inbetween which makes things ... interesting. Let's see if I can make my map more emotional.

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( Thu, Jun 26 2003 )
Like it. So much that I wrote about it.
Alexander Johannesen ( Thu, Jun 26 2003 )
Thanks David. Also, I think that a negative map combined with the positive map above might be an interesting excercise. Also, a more emotional map merged in could prove interesting, but we'll see if the last one will be of any use.
YikjvGL68l ( Tue, Dec 13 2005 - 07:12:10 )