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Mon, 5 May 2013 13:00:00 GMT
Where is the knowledge in a CMS?

Again, clever boy James Robertson of Column Two has produced an excelent whitepaper called Where is the knowledge in a CMS? outlining where the actual knowledge resides in a Content management system.

Also, from the announcement, he points to two related articles;

Losing sight of the content in a CMS

Why spend millions on managing content that no-one understands or needs? This article provides tips for getting the best value out of your business content.

Using usability to direct KM systems

KM has much to learn from usability, which can provide many useful starting points for structuring and managing KM projects.

This is all interesting stuff, and one that really inspires my current research for creating a Topic maps based content management system; when people add or edit information, where in the CM system are these changes reflected? In James' whitepaper I find that the approach of the CM system is pretty traditional, which I also think is the purpose of it, so while not adding to a revolution in how Knowledge management is or should be done, it certainly points us in important directions.

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