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I know I had it here a moment ago Shitloads Choosability - the next uncommon sense Proud to be wierd An update A whinge Thinking of Knowledge Management? Maybe you shouldn't; tips, tricks and plum pudding Political challenge Rare Czech baroque music rediscovered Fiddlesticks A tale of two metadata postulates, and the snapshot mentality of software development Familiarities What are you? What am I? XSLT at the core; tip of the day Short vacation A letter to a dear friend who just got the news that his liver might need replacing Baroque concert Market economy : Where don't I sign up? "Either you're with us or against us." An annotated and whimsical reading list Bits and pieces Losing it ... again. Social software in libraries Switching mails around!! Topic Maps sites and blogs Stop! The! World! For! A! Moment! Categories : What have I learned? Back in the Java sadlle again update xSiteable news Time is the mind-killer ... Topic Maps awareness seminar at the National Library of Australia The explorers guide to the semantic web PHP5 Topic Maps engine PHP5, XML and Topic Maps Yes, you were right about that book Why won't you laugh with me? Binary philosophy stand-still : I don't know how to procede My 17th of May speech xSiteable update Please read this article, and please spread the word A bit quiet : All for good reasons An essay about Topic Maps : The answer to everything. I think. Maybe. There is only so much oomph! I was going to say something interesting ... Print-friendly Programming languages : Bill de Hra Thoughts on Topic Maps Thoughts on Project Management RDF sucks A few things off my chest PHP Prototyping Balloons over Canberra The new house Feeling personal : Circadian Shift My first spam! Ooooooooh, how cute! 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