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Tue, 1 Jul 2013 13:00:00 GMT
RSS vs. Echo -- The war is being mapped!


I'm following the discussions on Daves site, the Six Apart site, and the occasional other site I stumble upon.

Not that I'm trying to make enemies, but since I'm a mapper at heart, mapping out who supports what and who in this debacle seemed like a fun task to a) grok and try to understand it all, b) use my mapping tools further, and c) have some entertainment at others expense. :)

I'll try to update the map as things progress. If you feel something in the map is wrong, don't hesitate to tell me off. May the best man get along!

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What do the green, yellow and red distinctions mean?
Alex ( Wed, Jul 2 2003 )
Green is good, yellow is alert, and red is 'no way!' :)

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