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Fri, 26 Sep 2003 13:00:00 GMT

Notice! This blog is no longer updated as such, and the new spot to point your feedreaders and blurry eyes are https://shelter.nu/blog/

This also means no more comments here, and especially not you spammers, you filthy floatsam of the internet!

xSiteable getting closer

Those (few :) that sits around biting nails while anticipating the much hyped 0.9 version of xSiteable will have to brace themselves for another few weeks. The reason is obvious; in 6 days I'm moving to Canberra in Australia permanently with my family, and hence I'll be a bit busy with things not linked to hobbies, fun and fiddle. The race has been on for the last two weeks, and I won't even have a computer until a bit into my first week of Australia.

So, please be patient. I've issued a pre-pre-beta of X2 over here (heh, don't you love the name), but it ain't official, not ready, not fully tested (especially the admin application), so go easy. If you wanna help me out with it, please do.

Anyways, back to cleaning out my stuff; it is also my last day at work, just had cake with the boys, and I need to wrap up one more prototype before I leave. Wish me luck, folks.

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( Fri, Dec 5 2003 )
I dusturbed you some weeks ago about a site created with xsiteable (). I wanted to extends xsiteable a bit to allow images and have a basic suport for internationalization.
I already understand the concept of xSiteable 0.8.x but when I dlded x2, the directory structure was changed a lot.
I don't understand the structure anymore. Can you create a very small documentation about what I have to do to start a new style and a new site with x2 ? (I want to use the command line not the admin app).
Alex ( Tue, Dec 9 2003 )
Good news, then; I've gotten quite a long way with the 0.9 version, including documentation. It isn't all that hard, and mostly it is 'templates' that are now split in 'sites' and 'styles', and the old 'sites' is 'build'. The rest should be intuitive. Hold on for a week or so.
( Tue, Feb 24 2004 )
I added a simple support for i18n in xiteable 0.8. I'll be happy to share my code if somebody interested (PHP part is not actualized, only the commandline). I'll also try to migrate to 0.9 when I'll have the time to doit. About i18n you can check .
The same Marius (sorry for changing my email address)