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Mon, 24 Nov 2003 13:00:00 GMT

Notice! This blog is no longer updated as such, and the new spot to point your feedreaders and blurry eyes are https://shelter.nu/blog/

This also means no more comments here, and especially not you spammers, you filthy floatsam of the internet!

New approach to getting work

Yes, ok, my last post of misery was maybe a tad bit on the self-pity side. Enough of that, and on to something more fruitful.

I've created a new site, thrown together over the weekend, that adresses how I can utilise my skills and knowledge to the Canberrans. I bring you ThinkPlot.net.

Please, have a look, and let me in on how I can improve things around there. My wife is currently going through the textual content, so that will get a nice tidying up. Anything there missing? Something I've got too much of? Please let me know.

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Alia ( Fri, Nov 28 2003 )
The first paragraph on the first page is hard to understand - it needs to be more focused. Strip out any words you don't need.
You have:
Often, finding a specialist in Information Architecture, Usability, Accessibility, User Interface Design and Implementation, Topic Maps or Metadata can be a bit cumbersome; who are they and where can you find them? Some do this, some do that, some know someone who knows a bit about this, or know all about that but nothing about anything else.
for maximum impact, it needs to be more like:
Looking for a specialist? When you need advice on Information Architecture, Usability, Accessibility, User Interface Design and Implementation, Topic Maps or Metadata - usually, you would need to speak to many people.
Let me do all the work: I offer the specialist treatment of a strong red line from top to bottom, from executive level down into actual implementation, out to your users and back again.
Alex ( Sun, Nov 30 2003 )
And apart from that? :)
Henrique ( Tue, Dec 2 2003 )
English is not my mother language but I do think you don't mean
'internation' here :
'Topic Maps is a datamodel and a mature internation standard for metadata, perfect for solving complex information problems across platforms and technologies.'
You logo is somewhat erratic, the broken-full line meaning thinking-planning has a catchy movement (improve the curvature a bit), but the lettering don't keep up.
The lily border is not to my tastes.
Apart from that the degign is clean, I bet you could do this with Xsiteable.
I wish you and thinkplot all the best.
Alia ( Wed, Dec 3 2003 )
You could make the words on the front page be links to the meanings - i.e. topic maps, information architecture. It eliminates the need to click through lots of pages to find out what it is that you're saying the reader needs. With every extra click you make the reader go through, the more people lose interest.
By getting the reader to understand what these terms are, you need to convince the reader that they really need these skills. Make this focus of the explanation of these terms - that their business will be a lot better with you helping.
Alia ( Wed, Dec 3 2003 )
Also -
This bit of text is at the bottom of the page:
And technically, what does that mean for my company / project / application?
It means you can save time and money and have a more efficent and flexible system.
It is quite simple; the datamodel is created in such a way that most other datamodels can fit into it, and the semantic model of it makes sure that your data makes sense to all levels of developers, from managers and knowledge management people down to hardcore database and system programmers.
Yet, it is the most important part of the text - bring these elements to the front page - reasons why your target audience will choose you. People are lazy, and you have to make the reasons to choose you a lot more obvious, and not get these important points get lost in the rest of the explanations.
I love the look and feel of the site though. =)