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Wed, 4 August 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Topic Maps sites and blogs

As part of setting up the upcoming site (Topic Maps Interest Group Australia) I wanted to list all sites and blogs that has a Topic Maps interest. Please, if you have a blog or know of one that has a Topic maps interest, let me know. I often stumble upon blogs by people who's even held small Topic maps seminars or use it for some KM purpose that I have never heard of or not met on the Topic Maps mailing-list, and I feel the need to collect and share these blogs, because we've got a very special common interest. Anyways, please let me know, and spread the word. Thanks.

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Hi Alexander,
I certainly have a strong interest in topic maps, and have been known to (occasionally) post info onto my weblog: ( Thu, Aug 5 2004 )
I have an interest in Topic Maps, but haven't written anything about it, and I don't think I have enough knowledge or experience with the technology to write anything about it either. I enjoy reading everything you write on the subject, though, Alex. :-)

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