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Thu, 26 August 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Bits and pieces

So while I've been at home mending sick wife and children for the last three days, I've been visited and deemed worthwhile by Whitespace. Thanks for that, although the added traffic focused on my pohr speling skils more than anything. Slik er livet.

In other news, yesterday I received in the mail my own copy of 'The explorers guide to the semantic web' which I was technical editor for. It is just amazing how nice that book is and how it feels good to hold and touch and let my fingers run through those crisp papers, not to mention how nice it was to see my name mentioned twice. Thanks Tom.

In more news, a librarian standards group at ISO may involve Topic maps in a standard for interlibrarian loan systems, and I might be taking part in that process, but don't quote me on it.

I built a window box yesterday from scratch using recycled bits from a cubby house I built with my father-in-law a few weeks ago. It turned out great, and the cubby house now has a cute window box under its window sporting a hanging rose flower. I'm enjoying the tranquil moments of carpentry.

I'm also (don't I ever rest?) finishing up something I call a Topic Maps Starter Kit, a Java Servlet-based web application (distributed as a WAR, maybe?) that is a full-fledged dictionary/thesaurus editor/viewer with full Java sources using and examplifying the TMAPI and possibly distributing the TinyTIM Topic maps engine, but I'll chat with Stefan about that first. It will make an excelent package you can a) use for your dictionary/thesaurus purposes, b) look at the code and extend to learn about TMAPI, and c) use to learn about Topic maps. I'll keep you posted.

In final news, I'm returning my loaned copy of "How to get things done" by David Allen about 2/3 read, simply because I haven't had the time to finish it. Oh the irony. Luckily his method weren't too far off from what I already had in place (I'm a blogger and Wiki user, so how wrong can I be?), and good thing that this Wiki exists, courtesy of the ever wonderful Jen Vetterli.

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Lars Marius Garshol ( Fri, Aug 27 2004 )
The thesaurus editor/viewer sounds like a very good idea, especially using TMAPI. I've been on the verge of doing this myself several times. Are you using Kal's thesaurus PSIs for this? Would be extremely cool if you did, since that would make it possible to load any TM thesaurus into the tool.
Kal ( ( Fri, Aug 27 2004 )
Sounds like a great idea to me. I would like to do something similar for Javadoc. TM4J already has a doclet that spits out XTM instead of HTML. With topic map merging it should be possible to create an app that reads in the topic maps for all the libraries you are using and merges them into one monster Javadoc map. If someone could write that...oh and make it an Eclipse add-on, that would be cool
Then again Monday is a public holiday in the I have a three-day weekend. Doom3 or topic maps...its a hard call.
Alex ( Sun, Aug 29 2004 )
Lars: Yup, Kal's PSI's and the whole shebang. It's not going to be a masterful app, but it will be just the thing to pass around and to play with.
Kal : I can tell you don't have kids. :) BTW, maybe this is an excelent case for

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