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Tue, 17 May 2005 13:00:00 GMT

Notice! This blog is no longer updated as such, and the new spot to point your feedreaders and blurry eyes are https://shelter.nu/blog/

This also means no more comments here, and especially not you spammers, you filthy floatsam of the internet!

Happy birthday, Norway!

Today is Norway's independence day; in 1814 we broke free from our union with Denmark, only to forced into a union with Sweden, which we today celebrate breaking free from exactly 100 years ago (1905). I attended the celebration here in Canberra in sunday, which was great; I ate Wiener sausages with lompe. Happy birthday, Norway!

Also today, my second part of my Topic maps article for Hardware Bedrift was launched. Check it out if you understand a word of norwegian.

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