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I love to read a good book, especially those that teaches an old dog new tricks. I don't read as much as I would like to, but I do stumble across material that makes more sense than others.

"Dune", Frank Herbert

This book was a strange happening for me at the age of 19. I was enchanted by Herberts way of telling a story of a boy and his rise from boyhood to Godhood, and how science and philosophy merge to make you think of greater consequences. I was living the lives of those portrayed, and my biggest leap towards philosophy began. A classic science-fiction novel that shook the world when it arrived back in 1965, and even today has not lost its incredible actuality. A must read for everyone, albeit not written for all to grasp.

The "Dune Chronicles", all of Frank Herberts books in the Dune universe, are a total of six books ; "Dune", "Dune Messiah", "Children of Dune", "God Emperor of Dune", "Heretics of Dune" and "Chapterhouse Dune". All of them combined has the focus of what it is to be human, and the individual books carry their own meanings and messages. I consider them all equally wonderful, but must confess to a perticular fondness for the first and the two last.

Axel Jensen

A Norwegian author that never ceases to amaze me. He wrote a book a few years back called "... og resten står skrivd i stjernene" ("... and the rest is written in the stars", roughly translated), and was a book the truly groped my soul! It is a collection of small stories and epilogues written by some retired old folks in a huge building on a faraway planet. The way the author manages to write so differently and which such prescission is just amazing. It is a true masterpiece of a book. It will have an important place in my bookshelf for all times.

He just recently passed away, and I wrote this article on that sad day the news came.

Henrik Ibsen

Ah yes, the famous Norwegian playwright, the founder of the modern theater. All through my high-school years I was taken with his stories and commentaries on the society of about 100 years ago, and maybe more fascinated that not much has changed since then either. Ibsen was a true magician of storytelling and character development, and is the worlds most played playwright, even beating good ol' Shakespear.

Johan Borgen

Just review for a moment the title of his first masterpiece; "Lillelord" ("Little Lord", not truly correctly translated) and picture a little boy that grows up manipulating all those around him in strange ways. He is charming and Oh, so intelligent ... and chilling. A must for all.

Torvald Steen

A rather strange author that writes at times very complex novels and poetry that truly grasps me. I have yet to understand, so I'm currently only happy to read and get lost.

Terry Pratchett

Some humour must be applied. Terry Pratchett fills in that space in my litterature universe.