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What I'm playing most these days

I don't know what it is worth, but here is a list of those CDs that spin in my CD-player lately, to, during and back from work, and often also in the evenings. (Yes, I'm hooked on music)

Heinrich Ignaz von Biber : Missa Bruxellensis

La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall (AliaVox AV9808)

Biber - known for his grander masses - here gives us the best there is; a mass named after the place it was found. Italian composer (see Favourite composers for more) that truly kicks bum, here with an equally bum-kicking performance by Jordi Savall and his gang. Incredibly powerful and beautiful music, and do note the 'Agnus Dei'; genious, powerful, incredible, amazing! And well worth the cost of this rather inexpensive CD in itself. Another must have.

Claudio Monteverdi : Pianto della Madonna

Maria Cristina Kiehr (Harmoni Mundi HMC 901680)

Kiehr has a wonderful voice, and here she performs with an exceptionally strong set of supporters, directed by Jean-Marc Aymes. What an excelent CD this is, from the performers to the recording. It is close to perfection.

Claudio Monteverdi : Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi, Libro Ottavo

La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Jordi Savall (Astrée Naïve ES 9944)

A rougher and more emotional Libro Ottavo than most, Savall and his friends again bring an excelent recording of my favourite composer. This one features one of the better 'Lamento della Ninfa' I've heard.

Allegri, Scarlatti, Leo : Miserere mei, deus

Ensamble William Byrd, Graham O'Reilly (Astré Naïve E 8846)

You thought you had heard Allegris 'Miserere', didn't you? Well, you havn't until you've heard this one. Based on a much earlier manuscript, here is a baroque version, a version that has both Allegri and Tomasso Bais compositions for liturgical reasons. What most people thought to be original Allegri is really a modern spectacle version. Also on this CD other 'MIsereres' that alone could justify this CD. It is a must. Really. Truly. The performances are some of the best you'll ever find. Truly. Really.

Pietro Paolo Bencini : Vesperae Beatae Virginis in Sancto Petro Romae

A sei Voci, Fabre-Garrus (Astrée Auvidis E 8540)

The rather unknown composer Bencini is someone I've grown to love deeply with some of the most beautiful and strong vocal music I have ever heard! I recomend this recording to EVERYONE! Don't miss it; it is a true work of genious.