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Farewell, friend

No author has shaken me up like him, except maybe one who shook me when I was younger and easier to affect. Back then, when I was younger, I was a blank sheet, ready to be filled with whatever came out of the sky. Lucky for me, it was something good I could build some form of ethics and good morals on, that showed me an intelligent way forward.

That road led to Axel Jensen, and when I finally got there, I was totally blown away. I was sitting in a world reading what I thought to be "the good stuff" (meaning, well-reputed and internationally acclaimed authors of various kinds) when all of a sudden I was taken outside this world to the outer rims where you could see it as a whole, quite clearly. From here I saw all those bits I hadn't seen before, those bits that all fall into the category "things that will blow you mind."

And Axel Jensen blew my lid, and didn't even have to go to lengths to bleach my sheets. The sheets were full of scribbles, drawings and whatsnot, not much room for anything else, really, all written in ink and oil-pastells, almost impossible to change. Axel did it without effort. His words drew forth truths I didn't know exsisted. He painted with colors that wasn't transparent. His whatsnots curled every straight line I had ever tried to draw.

Oh, I know what you're thinking through my melancholy, over-dramatized scribblings, but I can assure you that they are nothing but the truth. We can all see truth, but most of the time we choose not to aknowledge that we do. What happened to me back then was that I decided that drawing straight lines was a too simplistic solution to all the worlds problems. I chose not to ignore certain truths.

And the thing is that these truths weren't of great political value. They weren't controversial subjects that were debated in "important" programs on TV. They hardly wouldn't make a politician or political commentator blink.

But they were full of instincts that said "Right; you grab that handle there, and I'll grab this handle here, and on my mark we'll pull this thing upright!" Yes, the famed Wheelcart of Society. As more and more people want to study it lying on its side instead of turning it over to get it back on the right track, Axel Jensen politely told us to get on with it. What are you waiting for? Haven't got all day, you know?

And today he ran out of time. I feel a great loss, not only to all others that in some form, future or past, way has been affected by him; I feel a great loss for me. I'm sad to admit, in my egoistical ways, that Axel Jensen will be mostly missed as my kick in the rear. Who's going to help me on my way now?